Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up $64.99

It's time to schedule your furnace tune-up. While the weather is still teetering between summer and fall in the Central Valley, soon it will be time to crank on that heater. Now is the best time to check your furnace. Schedule a SAME-DAY furnace tune-up to ensure your heater is operating safe and efficient.

Did you know that furnace maintenance is recommended each year and required to keep your manufacturer warranty valid? Regular maintenance protects you from costly repairs, ensures you don't void your HVAC manufacturer warranty, and keeps your home safe.

A cracked heat exchanger is a common furnace problem and can result in leaked carbon monoxide into your home or cause a fire. A furnace tune-up includes a safety inspection of all your electrical components and thermostat, an air flow check, and filter replacement, if needed. Don't skip your furnace tune-up. 
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